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The hypervisor supports simultaneous execution of multiple operating systems in a virtual machine, with the different operating systems sharing the hardware resources of the machine. 

This means that the resources of processors, memory devices, and other components are transparently shared among the virtual machines. 


Network-Attached Storage is a storage type dedicated to storing files. Whether used for backups or as a central collection point for data (small remote locations), a NAS can perform some functions and is a useful addition to the central server.


Due to the rapidly growing demand for storage space and increasing requirements in the area of virtualization and availability solutions, most companies today can no longer do without a central storage system.

In the area of standard block storage, we offer you solutions for fully virtualized high-availability storage, which reflects data across multiple fire protection sections or even remote locations.


A server is a powerful network computer that makes its resources available to other computers or programs.  With us you get only virtualized servers, because they have prevailed over traditional servers. The operating system is separated from the hardware and several servers can be operated on one physical machine.


A Storage Area Network is a high-speed network or subnet and connects different types of storage devices with the associated data servers for a larger storage network of users. The transfer of data takes place as with a built-in hard disk via high availability, as well as flexibility and expandability are in the foreground here.

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