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Our mobile device management solutions help your company to create security, transparency and control when using smartphones, tablets and laptops in your company.

Virus Scanner

We offer various virus scanners and security solutions to protect your network and data against unauthorized access and attacks.


The firewall is the main entrance gate from the outside into the corporate network.
The firewall reliably blocks all data that is either not trustworthy or explicitly not permitted.


A proxy server is a communication interface in a network and acts as an intermediary that receives requests on one side and then establishes a connection to the other side via its own address. The security advantage is that the IP address of the requesting computer is not sent to the outside, but that of the proxy. Thus, anonymity can be achieved.

In combination with a virus scanner, Internet traffic can be scanned centrally for viruses and malware.

SPAM Filter

Spam not only distracts your employees, it can also make your systems vulnerable to malware and phishing attacks. In addition, the large number of emails puts a heavy strain on your email server.

We estimate that 95% of all emails are spam. 

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