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Public WLAN

We offer you secure and customer-friendly public WLAN with connection to various social networks which have become an important part of marketing nowadays. With our solution you can interact with your customers via social media in real time.

Furthermore, you can collect various information about your visitors or users to set up customized marketing campaigns.


Using VPN technology, we offer you solutions for securely networking multiple sites over the Internet using a virtual tunnel (IPSEC or SSL). Your data will be encrypted and thus transmitted tap-proof.  


For the networking of buildings or building complexes we offer you complete solutions from copper to fiber optic cables for the transmission of voice or data.


Through a WLAN installation carried out by us, including previous planning and measurements, we lay the foundation for comprehensive wireless communication.

Computers as well as WLAN telephones and smartphones can be used mobile.

We pay attention to the highest security standards and separate the networks for different types of use as early as the installation stage. For the planning of your WLAN we use professional software.


The need to protect data from accidental data loss or hardware failure through regular backups is often underestimated. We will be happy to advise you on the selection of the optimal backup system for you that automatically backs up your data.

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