With Sharepoint, Microsoft offers you a platform for managing your company information. It also provides common workspaces, applications, blogs, wikis, and other ways to create and manage documents from a Web browser. So you have a single platform and keep track of your data.

Of course, mobile access is also possible.


We offer you individual Exchange installations and provide you with your own e-mail server. So you can exchange messages, manage contacts and addresses, as well as tasks and at the same time have a separation of the internal and external e-mail traffic. 


By document management systems (DMS) one understands a database-supported administration of electronic documents of all kinds. The aim of DMS software is to archive documents and make them accessible company-wide, but this applies not only to documents, but also to all electronically created documents.

DMS software is used to organize and coordinate the development, revision, control and distribution of documents.

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