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Committed to data protection

Data protection plays an increasingly important role in IT. Many companies are even legally obliged to appoint a data protection officer. We offer you the opportunity to optimise your data protection through consultation and audits and to meet the requirements of the law through an external data protection officer.

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External Data Protection Officer

The more personal data your company collects, stores and processes, the more important data protection is to you. A data protection officer brings you more security, builds trust and can play an important role as an active instrument in competition. Instead of having your own data protection officer, you can also appoint an external data protection officer. With us as your external data protection officer, you can fully comply with your legal obligations without the need for your own personnel.



IT and data protection audits

Know-how and customer data are often the capital of a company and must therefore be reliably protected against loss and attacks. As an executive, you are required by law to take adequate measures to protect data privacy and security. We conduct audits to review and evaluate the concepts and levels of your IT, data security and privacy. If required, we will draw up a data protection concept with concrete objectives and a catalogue of measures.



IT and data protection consulting

The Data Protection Act regulates exactly which obligations you have in dealing with personal data. We offer you objective advice from our certified and recognised experts in order to give you an overview of your obligations and options for action. Such advice is useful, for example, if a project is pending in which data protection could play a role.




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